Yarnalong – Feb Goals

I’ve been off to a good start this year – I’ve only missed a week of blogging so far and finished two projects in January.

This month, I’m aiming for three projects, and am working or about to work, on two.

I finished the first of my Snowflake Mitts (I added 3 additional repeats of the pattern and added a mitten top as well).  I’m into the second repeat on the second mitt, so I’m hopeful that I might be able to get it completed over the weekend.

I’m also about to cast on Starfighter Hat which is one of the February Eat Sleep Knit KAL’s.  There is a lot of talk in the ESK threads on Ravelry about modification including attaching a bright lining to the hat to show through the mesh pattern, so I’m considering that modification, but haven’t decided yet.

If I manage to get both of those projects completed, I want to cast on Husk, which has been on my to do list for awhile now.

I’m not currently reading anything.  I decided after last week that I couldn’t continue with After the Ending.  I’ve tried starting a couple of new books since then, but nothing is capturing my attention, so I’m going to wait a couple of days before settling on anything else.

Head on over to the original Yarnalong blog to see what everyone else is crafting and reading.

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Yarnalong – The Week of Too Many Things

Since last Wednesday, I have had 2 and a half days of work related conferences and seminars, I’m in week 2 of of my first study period since 2001, and I’m finally getting some buy in from a number of managers regarding Performance Management and Workforce Planning and Development, which is fantastic on a professional front, but has been time consuming.

The downside is that personal productivity has been fairly low, and I’ve struggled to find any real balance this week.

I did carve out 20 minutes on my Starfighter Hat, and it’s now about 70% complete.  With the long weekend coming up, I’m hoping that I can find a better balance between personal and study time and finish off the hat.


I also took 30 minutes over the weekend to start The Girl in the Locker, a true story about twin girls abandoned by their mother in NSW during the 50’s, and the abuse they suffered as a result.  I’m not very far in, but the story so far is heart-breaking, and based on the profile, I think it’s going to be a fairly harrowing read.

Before I sign off, here is a gratuitous pic of the Furbaby, who has been super cheeky.


That’s it for me this week.  Head on over to Ginny’s blog, where the original Yarnalong all started.


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Yarnalong – March Madness

My grand plans for February didn’t quite pan out, and I only managed to finish my squares for Kate’s blanket.

I’m currently working on my Starfighter Slouch Hat, which I did manage to cast on in February, but am only half way through.


Also still underway with reading The Rowan Tree.  The story and characters are still enjoyable, I’m just struggling to find time to read at the moment.

Head over to the original Yarnalong to see what everyone else is up to.

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Over Committing

Although I never seem to have enough time to devote to the things I want outside of work (knitting, reading, spending time with this little guy), image I somehow decided that now was a good time to enrol in a Bachelor of Business.

I’m not sure what I was thinking!  I have at least maintained a little sanity, and have only enrolled in one subject in the first study session (kicking off February 29).

Sadly, I think that my knitting time (which is already heavily impacted by work), is going to take the biggest hit.


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Yarnalong – The One Where I’m Behind on my February Goals

My ambitious goal to get three projects completed this month has not quite gone to plan. I’m about two thirds done on my Snowflake Mitts, but after a tense standoff with Melbourne Airport security on Friday (where I’ve never been questioned before) on my way to the Brisbane office, I decided to express post the project back to myself, rather than risk losing my needles at Brisbane Airport (where I’m always questioned), and they didn’t arrive back to me until today (validating our Queensland office’s frustration around mail not arriving in a timely manner!).


I did manage to cast off my second square for Kate’s blanket on Sunday night, so at least I feel like I’ve been somewhat productive.

Needless to say, I haven’t yet gotten to Starfighter or Husk as I had hoped. I am aiming to wind the yarn and get into Starfighter this week though, in the hopes I can finish by the end of the month.

After having a few disappointing weeks with reading, I settled on The Rowan Tree as my next novel, and am enjoying every page. The book diverged in a completely unexpected tangent for me quite early, and has kept me engaged as the story and characters progress.

In other exciting news, now that Oscar has had all his shots, he was able to go into the outside world for the first time over the weekend and had great fun running around the park.

That’s all from me this week – to see what all the other yarnalongers are working on, head over to Ginny’s blog.

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January Finished Objects

I was able to get 2 items finished in January.

My Spiral Cowl was cast on and finished as part of the first KAL of the year with Eat Sleep Knit. Despite it being summer, I’ve already had the opportunity to wear it a couple of times, and I love it.

spiral wearing

My Arctic Balm Shawl was cast on in December and finished this month. I love how big and cosy it is, and look forward to using it once the cooler weather begins.


I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to keep the momentum and have plans to finish at least two projects in February – Snowflake Mitts and Starfighter are my current goals. However, this little monster has now joined the family, so I can see play time interrupting my current knitting time.


Oscar is a pug x jack russell pup, and we’re completely in love with him already.

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Yarnalong – Things Are Changing

So I missed posting last week as I was lucky enough to get invited to the tennis.  We were given fantastic seats (row A), so it was a bit disappointing that all 3 games were straight set matches!

And then I missed knitting on Monday night as we’ve been puppy proofing the house in anticipation of this little guy joining us


I’m currently working on some snowflake mitts – I’m making them longer than the pattern calls for those cold winter days in the office when I need another layer.  The yarn – Pagewood Farm – is gorgeous to knit with.  The variegation is obscuring the pattern a little, but I’m still enjoying the project.

snowflake mitts

I seem to be in a pattern of reading books that are okay, but not fantastic.  After the Ending is a post-apocalyptic novel that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere fast.  I’m a couple of chapters in, but might pull the pin on this one if it doesn’t pick up soon.

Head on over to Ginny’s blog to see what everyone else is up to.

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